We build prototypes for real startups in one weekend.

  • What We Do

    We believe in Unicorns. Do you?


    Minimal Viable Product for Idea Validation

    The Holy Grail of Lean product development. With little time and money they enable you to test your idea in the market without over-engineering.

    Minimal and Fast

    Faster than Amazon Prime.

    One weekend. That’s the time we need to develop your MVP. Together, we brainstorm what the ideal solution looks like, and one weekend later we deliver the first MVP.

    Feedback and iterate

    Questioning brings you further than you think.

    Not sure if you’re moving in the right direction? Don’t worry, we will elaborate together the best way to go. Iteration is part of the process.


    Hacky but Worky

    We use modern technologies, innovative methods and focus on hardware & software development using rapid prototyping tools such as 3d-printing, laser-cutting, Arduinos and Raspberry Pi’s.

  • How It Works

    How can you turn your idea into a Unicorn?


    Get in Touch

    Drop us a quick email and tell us what you are hoping for. We would get back to you as fast possible!


    1st Meeting

    We evaluate our capacities at the moment and if possible a facilitator would meet with you.



    The "Breeding" takes place and a team of talents works on your idea as best and fast as they can.



    We deliver a package with all we have achieved during the Breeding.

  • Partners

    We've got top notch partners!

  • Igor Susmelj

    "The business Breeding with Unicorn Labs was the perfect setup to discover and develop new ideas! The best idea ultimately played a role in our success at HackZurich 2018!"

    Margherita Rosnati

    "Being part of a Unicorn Labs breeding was a really formative experience: you are faced with real life problems where metrics are not predefined and you have to shape both the problem together with contribute to finding a solution. It was also great to meet like minded people and see what the innovators of Zurich are up to!"

    Brian Regan

    "Unicorn labs was a fantastic experience with getting hands on with an idea. It allowed me to learn new skills and deliver something of value to the startup involved!"

    Rahel Schmidt

    "For me as a medical student it was very interesting to see the economic point of view in health care issues. Within three hours I learned so much about the startup environment and how to bring my ideas into a fascinating, solution-orientated discussion."

    Guy Reiffers

    "Welcoming Unicorn Labs in our Berlin office had a profound impact to our business model! Leveraging the potential of a diverse and international team of five experts from the Industry and Top Universities they build us a MVP in only one weekend. Afterwards we were able to discover new market potentials while studying the MVP."

    Naomi MacKenzie

    "Thanks to Unicorn Labs’ fast development we were able to test a prototype on the market at a very early stage. The result of our collaboration pushed our development at our initial stage and even supported us to win prize money at various competitions. Would recommend working with them to anyone wanting to breed a new idea."

    Samuel Riedel

    "Going to Berlin with Unicorn Labs was an unforgettable experience for me. I helped build an MVP for Rebolet and not only improved my coding skills but also gained valuable insights into the early phase of a start-up. I had a really enjoyable time working with easy-going people in an inspiring atmosphere."

    Jacqueline Holzer

    "I really loved to join in for such an interesting project with such intelligent, passionate and exceptional people. As a psychologist and in general, I love to make this type of experiences and get the possibility to learn more about people and from people that seem to be much different than me."

    Sven Beichler

    "Unicorn Labs assembled a diverse team that matched my problem statement perfectly. To come up with the innovative core principle of the delivered MVP, they did a great job in leveraging the talent combination of medicine, psychology, design and engineering."

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