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Whether you're an early stage startup or a more established firm with some buzz in your innovation lab, MVPs are the holy grail of lean product development, and a great way to validate your idea in the market. With little time and money, we enable you to test that idea without over-engineering. Using state-of-the-art technology and innovative methods is a given.

🎯 Challenges You Might Face

Wondering if your business idea can technically come to life? Thinking about a new product feature, but not sure if it's worth your investment in time and money?

🛠️ Prototype Creation, Made Seamless for You

At Unicorn Labs, our SMEs and skilled Talents are at your service to bring your ideas to life. We take care of the heavy lifting in validating and creating your prototype, transforming your concepts into tangible, feasible products.

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Are you ready to bring your startup vision to life? Dive into innovation with us and transform your idea into a tangible prototype using cutting-edge technology, saving time and money. Engage in brainstorming sessions with our team of experts to refine your ideas and take your startup to the next level.

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About Unicorn Labs

As a non-profit born at ETH Zürich, we're all about turning ideas into reality. We bring together tech and business-savvy students with established entrepreneurs to transform startup ideas into tangible prototypes. Our services include Prototype Breedings, developing minimal viable products, and Business Breedings, brainstorming strategies for business growth.

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