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    Our mission, since Day 1: Turn ideas into reality.


    So many ideas see the light of day, yet so few make it to the stage of validation. We have set out to change this reality and help thinkers, makers and dreamers turn those precious thoughts into functioning prototypes to try out and validate in this real world. (Or is it a simulation?)


    Unicorn Labs is an independent non-profit organization based in Zurich, Switzerland. Since the first day, our activities have been oriented towards self sustainability of the organization and support of the local and international Startup-ecosystem.

    Mission Statement

    The purpose of the Unicorn Labs association is to create prototypes and thus promote the innovation and development ecosystem for start-ups, companies or other associations. Encourage students to gain practical experience. The money raised by customers is used exclusively for the purpose of the association. The provision of pecuniary benefits by the Association for the benefit of the Association's members is excluded. The association is a non-profit organization.

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